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With estimated 100,000 unique visitors and 500 subscribers to the community bi-weekly newsletter in the years 2002-2007, Arlecchino web site continues to show why it is an inexpensive, highly targeted advertising medium.

Looking for a great way to promote your company, product or service? Consider advertising in our Italian-topics-oriented site with one monthly rate. Advertising with us offers low-price solutions in advertising to a large target audience ... customers interested in the made-in-Italy products and in the Italian way of life.

We have many affordable options, but we advise you to act quickly as prices will no doubt rise along with our viewer ship, and space is limited.


Our advertising options include:

Banner rotation in the TalkTalkChat area,
the Arlecchino community one-to-one chat

Hundreds of people come in our instant messaging chat and in our private mailbox communication system, daily.
TalkTalkChat is one of the most high-traffic area of the Arlecchino web site, so we can offer a great amount of visibility to your banners.
A banner ad (a fixed size image/ad that rotates at the top of the TalkTalkChat page) with a link to an independent site will increase your hits and visibility, bringing you more business.
A weekly log file of click throughs to your site will be kept. We will supply you with a unique URL so you can view and save this file for your records.
The space for a banner is a fixed size of 468 x 60 pixels, maximum file size 12k (same size as Yahoo! and most other popular sites).
If your business is related to the Arlecchino community topics, a banner helps to build your brand and lets people associate your business with the made-in-Italy products and the Italian way of life.

Web pages in the Online Shopping area
A single page "site" on our server in the Online Shopping home page area including:
- As many picture images as you need of suitable size (general images, your logo, background images).
- Text (about 250 words appropriately fits page size).
- Page's rough size will be 8.5 x 11-17 inches (physical size of page not to exceed 50k, for download time reasons).
- forms, frames, CGI, Javascript (but we strongly discourage their use).
- links to your web site sections, if any.

Arlecchino Newsletter Sponsorship
As an Arlecchino Newsletter Sponsor you will have a placement either in the upper space of our bi-weekly newsletter (1,000 estimated subscribers) or in the middle space.
Each issue includes up to four sponsorship messages. Each message is up to 4 lines of text at the beginning of the issue and in other three placements in the middle of the issue.
You also get an additional editorial with a text link anywhere else on your site where appropriate.
If your business is related to the Arlecchino community topics, the Arlecchino Newsletter Sponsorship doesn't just bring your Web site more traffic, it also helps to build your brand and lets people associate your business with the made-in-Italy products and the Italian-way-of-life style.



pricing information

Advertising rates:

  1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year
$ 69 $ 169 $ 319 $ 599
web page
$ 49 $ 99 $ 199 $ 399
$ 79
(2 issues)
$ 199
(6 issues)
$ 349
(12 issues)
$ 649
(24 issues)

To get more information on how to start-up your advertising campaign on our web site, please send an e-mail to, the Arlecchino Marketing Department.




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