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Secure Server

For your personal protection Arlecchino uses a secure server environment to protect your confidential credit-card information. Arlecchino uses the latest encryption technology offered for online credit-card transactions.

Verisign, 128 bit, SSL3
If you use later versions of Microsoft® Internet Explorer, you will get prompted the moment you will enter and leave the secure form. The same happens in Netscape Navigator, or any browser that supports SLL (Secure Sockets Layer) style encryption, more precisely SSL3, 128 bit encryption. You will be able to enter your credit card information only on secure pages using Arlecchino’s electronic order forms at the completion of your order.

Bank Sella
Your credit-card information will be submitted to the secure server of BANK SELLA a national bank based in Italy, so that OUR ORGANIZATION CANNOT SEE THEM.
The total purchase will be showed in EURO but it will be charged in your currency at the actual exchange rate when the time of the transaction goes through.
Bank SELLA only will be able to decode your information and use it for your purchase.

Online Credit-Card payment
Sending your credit card number over the Internet is far more secure than giving that same number to a waiter in a restaurant, or to a gasoline station attendant. Transactions over the Web leave no paper trails for those seeking to steal your credit card number from receipts or garbage bins.  It is easier to obtain your credit card number by tapping your phone than it is to steal it over a Web transaction. We can process your credit-card immediately for instant approval. This will expedite transfer of funds and minimize the delay in shipping your Arlecchino purchases.
WE SCREEN DILIGENTLY FOR CREDIT CARD FRAUD and pursue fraudolent orders to the full extent of the law. 


choice of transaction options

If you prefer not to transmit your credit card information through the Web, or if your browser does not support SSL style encryption and you receive error messages or see blank pages, you may choose one of the following alternative payment options or procedures. After entering the secure "Check-out" form, continue to follow the instructions on the online-order form:

1) Credit-Card on a NON Secure Server
if you prefer submitting your credit-card information directly to our organization (as you were using your card in a store or in a restaurant).

2) International Money Order
If you are uncomfortable about entering your full credit-card information online you can ask your local Post Office to issue an International Money Order payable to:

STUDIOSOFT di Marco Piazzalunga
Via Pascoli, 1
24030 Presezzo - Italy

3) Bank Order (swift)
If you prefer, you can ask your bank to issue a Bank Order (a swift) payable to:

STUDIOSOFT di Marco Piazzalunga
Bank: Banca Intesa Sanpaolo
Branch: Dalmine
Bank code: ABI 3069 - CAB 52970
Account number: 541/66

(Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, is a national bank based in Italy)

4) Fax or Mail
If you prefer you can place your order by a Fax (+39 035 614966) addressed to Arlecchino - Sales Department,
or by mail addressed to:

Sales Department
Via Pascoli, 1
24030 Presezzo - Italy


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