Murano Slide Glass Beads - Trollbeads, Pandora, Chamilia, Pasha, Biagi



Murano Slide Beads are lampwork glass beads, hand-made in Italy.
They feature a large hole where a 925 sterling silver pipe is mounted with a special pressing tool.
The silver pipe makes precious the beads and allows its sliding across the chain protecting the glass.
The beads are sized about mm. 12-14 in diameter and mm. 7-8 in thickness.
On request we can create your own customized designs based on your suggestions.

Murano Slide Beads (motifs)
F5-05 - glass beads, zebra pattern.


Murano Slide Beads (motifs)
F5-08 - white glass beads, shell pattern.


Murano Slide Beads (motifs)
F8A-130 - brown dotted glass beads, leopard pattern.


Murano Slide Beads (motifs)
F8A-134 - brown glass beads with brown stripes, honey tonality.


Murano Slide Beads (motifs)
F8C-J05 - red glass beads, hurricane pattern.


Murano Slide Beads (motifs)
F8C-J10 - red glass beads, white arab motifs.


Murano Slide Beads (motifs)
F8A-117 - light blue beads, with fluorescent inserts.




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