glass beaded jewellery, glass pendants with necklace


Lampworked glass pendants with 24k gold foil or silver foil,
supplied with elegant necklace and golden or silvered brass findings and clasp (nickel free).


gorgeous glass pendant made from the typical red Venetian glass and 24k gold foil

L9-F1-P1 handblown glass pendant in Venetian red with precious 24k gold foil, size mm. 90 x 20


unique design for these glass pendants made from fish shaped glass beads
L9-F2-P1 glass pendant in fish shape with 24k gold foil, size mm. 60 x 20
L9-F2-P2 long glass pendant with fishes, size mm. 90 x 20
L9-F2-P3 glass pendant with 24k gold foiled fish, size mm. 35 x 20


trendy and fashionable pendants made from black onyx glass and multicoloured dichroic motifs
L9-F3-P1 black onyx glass pendant with dark yellow motif, size mm. 60 x 25
L9-F3-P2 black onyx glass pendant with gold dichroic inserts, size mm. 80 x 15


very trendy glass pendants with necklaces
L9-F4-P1 black and white glass pendant, size mm. 60 x 23
L9-F4-P2 turquoise glass pendant, size mm. 65 x 23


handblown glass pendants in the typical rigadino glassmaking technique
L9-F5-P1 handblown glass pendant in black and white, size mm. 70 x 35
L9-F5-P2 black handblown glass pendant, size mm. 70 x 35




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Murano glass jewelry

Murano art glass