can your web site be found?

The World Wide Web is exploding as a communications medium.
Not only is the technology growing and changing, but the number of people involved in using and publishing on the web is expanding.

As the Web expands it is critical that your Web site stands out. Your Web site must be easily found and it must be linked in high-traffic locations. Considering the Web's continuous growth, new directories, search resources, and other listing sites are being added daily.

It is important that this growth be addressed by your online promotional plan.


here are the reasons why you should choose our promotional plan

If you have a web site, perhaps for promoting a product or services, how can you get potential clients or customers to visit it ?

To successfully market your Web site you need to run an on-going campaign, just as you would for a product or service. We've identified several components which we cover below. Not all apply to every Web site, and the emphasis on each component may vary according to your situation. They include:

  • Announcing Your Web Site with Internet Search Engines and Directories
    The objective here is to get your Web site listed in the Internet's equivalent of the yellow pages. This is probably the most cost effective way of reaching prospects who otherwise may not be aware of your company. Once listed, prospects who search on these directories can find your site.
    There are hundreds of sites where you can announce your site: search engines, announcement sites, general directories, geographic sites, specific-interest sites.
    Every day millions of people use the search engines to find what they're looking for. Do they find you or your competitors?  If you are not in the Top-100 listings, you don't exist. If you are not in the Top-30, you are probably losing business.
    We specialize in getting your site listed in the Top-30 of the major search engines. And we guarantee our work.
    Each search engine uses different criteria for ranking web sites. A page that does well in one search engine, will not necessarily do well in another. So we create doorway pages for each keyword phrase that you want to be found under. Doorway pages are designed to score in the Top-30 of the major search engines, for your desired keyword phrases. We then create a different variation of that page, specifically optimized for each of the search engines that we support.
    The doorway pages are stored on our server and to be effective your web site can stay resident on your ISP server, for several reasons:
    1) Since we offer specific performance guarantees for all our placement procedures, we need complete control over the placement process. The only way for us to have complete control is for the pages to be on our server.
    2) Since we must create a separate doorway page for each keyword/keyphrase search engine combination, we usually end up with several hundred doorway pages for each of our clients. We have developed an elaborate system for managing all these pages on our server. If you were to try to host these pages on your server and keep track of them all, it would turn into an administrative nightmare for you. They would also take up a lot of space on your server and you would probably incur additional storage charges from your web hosting company.
    3) Since the search engine ranking policy is rapidly evolving, a maintenance program to keep your pages in the Top-30 on an ongoing basis is essential and this work can not be done on your server.
  • Announcing in Newsgroups
    A newsgroup is an electronic bulletin board where people with shared interests can communicate. There are over 20,000 newsgroups on the Internet with millions of daily participants. Done right and with care, posting to a newsgroup can generate tremendous, almost instant, word-of-mouth.
    We target only those newsgroups that cover topics associated with your product. First, we determine if the newsgroup accepts postings. If it does, we monitor the postings and participant response. When we post, we provide useful advice or information, not an advertisement for your product. We can end with a mention that your site has useful information on the topic you are posting. If possible, we become a known participant by posting frequently with both advice and questions.
  • Participating in E-mail Lists
    An e-mail list is much like a newsgroup. The key difference is that messages go directly to a participant's e-mail box rather than the participant going to the newsgroup to read the postings. For that reason, posting to an e-mail list requires even more caution than a newsgroup. Otherwise, newsgroups rules apply.
  • Banner Exchanging
    A banner exchange is a network of web sites that help promote each other. This is accomplished through rotating banners advertisements. Individuals in the network display a small banner on their web page. This banner advertises another individuals web site. Each time someone visits a web page in the network, they are presented with a new banner that advertises someone else's site in the network. Banner exchanges can be an effective tool in your arsenal of web promotion tools ... but only if used correctly.
    We create professional designed and effective banner sets for your web site, choosing the proper exchange network.
    Most banner exchanges today allow some form of target marketing. This is accomplished by categorizing all of the web sites in the network. We then select which categories you would like to advertise on.
    Remember that creating a "click generating" banner is an art form, as well as a banner looses its effectiveness over time, so we provide a maintenance program to keep your banner set rich of "call to action" features ... namely to click on your banner.
  • Reciprocal Linking
    We search for sites that complement your web site and e-mail the webmaster offering to exchange text or banner links. The more personalized we make the e-mail the better our results will be. A good starting point is to find sites that link to your competitors and we have the proper tools to do this work. The results give you a good list of sites to exchange links with.
  • Other promotional tools
    - online classified ads
    - affiliate/reseller/associate programs
    - auction programs
    - electronic malls linking
    - online sales strategies
    - webrings
    - what's new services
    - posting to award & review sites
    - free for all links pages
    - press release writing


pricing information

Arlecchino promotional campaigns feature a balanced mix of short and long-term strategies, designed to build a solid foundation for marketing online. The services are adaptable and often highly cost-effective.

Pricing policy
Pricing is based upon the number of keywords and keyphrases that you want us to place in the major search engines because the number of keywords is related to the number of the doorway pages we create. The corresponding URLs are referenced by the promotional services we use through their links.

Our guarantee
We guarantee that on average, your web site will be listed in the Top-30 of the major search engines at least once for each of your keywords/keyphrases. Thus, the number of guaranteed Top-30 placements is always equal to the number of keywords/keyphrases. Please realize that this is just an average. Some of your keywords may appear in the Top-30 more than once and some may not appear in any search engines. Also, as mentioned above, the guarantee is just a minimum. We usually exceed our guarantees and the additional placements are free.

Pricing grid
We offer an "all inclusive" formula package service based on a monthly maintenance program:

Number of keywords/keyphrases 10 20 30
Setup fee $ 799 $ 899 $ 999
Monthly maintenance $ 499 $ 599 $ 699

the above table shows the setup and maintenance fees to obtain
ALL the following services:

  • announcing your web site with internet search engines
  • announcing in newsgroups
  • participating in e-mail lists
  • banner exchanging
  • reciprocal linking
  • online classified ads
  • electronic malls linking
  • online sales strategies
  • webrings
  • what's new services
  • posting to award & review sites
  • free for all links pages
  • press release writing

To get more information on our promotional campaigns, please send an email to, the Arlecchino Web Promotion Department.



open your online store in our high-traffic web site

One possible definition of electronic commerce would be: "any form of business transaction in which the parties interact electronically rather than by physical exchanges or direct physical contact".

Modern business is characterised by ever-increasing supply capabilities, ever-increasing global competition, and ever-increasing customer expectations. In response, businesses throughout the world are changing both their organisations and their operations.

Electronic commerce is a means of enabling and supporting such changes on a global scale. It enables companies to be more efficient and flexible in their internal operations, to work more closely with their suppliers, and to be more responsive to the needs and expectations of their customers.

The Arlecchino E-commerce Department can create and host your personalized online store.

Your virtual store will be located in the Online Shopping section of the Arlecchino community web site, where eight online stores specializing in high quality made-in-Italy products are actually functioning.

The Online Shopping section is one of the most high-traffic area of the Arlecchino web site, so we can offer a great amount of visibility to your online store.

If you're looking for the right e-commerce solution for your business, this is a great time saver opportunity.

To get more information on how to start-up your online store on our server and to get pricing information, please send an e-mail to, the Arlecchino Sales Department.




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